Monday, May 24, 2010

Reminiscences of my father

I am ECSTATIC beyond any words at the news of the decades-overdue elevation of Bishop-designate Rudolph W. McKissick, Sr. -- my Father-in-the-Ministry!

As the spiritual progenitor for more than fifty of America's (indeed, the world's) finest preachers -- spanning the denominational spectrum -- and as the Senior Pstor of one of the nation's oldest historical churches (black OR white): the dynamic Bethel Baptist Institutional Church of Jacksonville, Florida -- Bishop-designate McKissick is one of the legendary fathers of Black Ministry in the contemporary age.

Some 35 years ago he took me under his wings and nurturedmy Ministry from my "Initial Sermon" on 3rd Sunday April 1975 until I left Florida for Michigan in April 1983. Along the way he taught me EVERYTHING about Ministry -- from visiting hospitals, to conducting weddings and funerals, to teaching, to writing, to developing Ministry and para-church Ministry initiatives.

Shadowing my father I was blessed to sit under the anointing of MANY Gospel giants, who came to preach and minister at Bethel, over the years -- all of whom were delighted to make some spiritual deposit into the lives of us young ministers who enjoyed the privilege of sitting in Bethel's pulpit.

My brothers are seminarians; but I am pesuaded that no amount of book-education could substitute for the step-by-step preparation that "Pastor" McKissick made available to ALL of his sons.

Today I gladly add MY TRIBUTE to this awesome man of God!

Keep the Faith
+Raymond Allan Johnson
Nanchang Destiny
Nanchang, Peoples Republic of China

I have never said this, but I want to take this oportunity to say a special "Thank you" to Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, JR!

As a young man growing up living right nest door to the church he had to endure a lot of things other children will bever experience.

But more than that, he had to share his father with all of us -- and allow US to be "Rev's" sons as WELL as him. I am grateful that he was wiling to do that, and honored to count him as my brother.

Keep the Faith